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icon-title-ticket.svg WP logo I do not want the user will see when they loged in
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22:23 on 18/12/2019


i. When user are logged in they can also see WP logo and wpadmin.  How to stop partner/user will see the WP admin and wp-logo? See the attached image for more details!

ii. Question reg “Commition page” check the attached image please!

iii. Host has access to the WP admin. How to stop Host access to the WP admin. I would like the Host has access only to the Dashbord where they can add listing.  Is this possible that Host can directly go to the Dashbord where they can add a new listing?



Thank you in advance for the quick reply.


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Hello friend


Sorry for late reply.

I hope my answers will help you.


  1. to hide the admin bar, you can read this document to do it https://docs.shomewp.com/advance#how-to-disable-wordpress-admin-bar
  2. about Commission, It is partner commission – the percent of amount that admin receives from partner rental bookings. Example, partner has a home ($100), a customer booked it. so Admin will receive $20 from that booking.
  3. Unfortunately, our theme does not support that function to hide wordpress dashboard. However, partners only see their information. They cannot change the settings of the system



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