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05:07 on 06/11/2019


I’ve been testing the theme but have found an issue with the search. It seems to either only show results from the same state regardless of how specific I search or just shows all listings. (even from different countries)

As an example from your demo, I search for this listings address:

West 84th Street

I get 11 results with different addresses:

Grid Filter Right

Is there any fix for this issue? Or am I doing something wrong?

I am more than happy to pay you to customize my themes search to a dropdown taxonomy list. We currently only need 6 locations.




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About customization, you can send email to [email protected] with your details. I will review it.



Hello DuncanRogers

Thanks for your feedback. I will explain to you about the search system.

When you select an address from the search box, it gets 2 values such as latitude and longtitude.

The system will search all rentals which have latitude and longtitude beetween 20 kilometers from the search value.

So in our demo it will show 11 items as you see



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