icon-title-ticket.svg How to I setup the Toggle search form on mobile?
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12:04 on 07/10/2019
  1. How do I setup the Toggle search form on mobile?
  2. How do I Turn ON/OFF WordPress Admin bar?


Can I setup the half map – close yet? I am not sure If the theme updated this feature yet

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Hello friend


Thank you for waiting for the update. At this version, we updated 2 points above. About ‘toggle half map’, we will update in next version.


  1. To turn ON toggle map on mobile, you edit Search Form element and tick the checkbox ‘Toggle on mobile’. See this document https://docs.shomewp.com/elements/search-form-widget#2-setup
  2. This document for you https://docs.shomewp.com/advance 


I hope it will help you more 🙂




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