icon-title-ticket.svg How can I put a dropdown menu in the search form?
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09:20 on 29/01/2020


I would like to put into the search form a dropdown menu with the possibility to choise the type of the accomodation (appartament, Hause and so on). See an example in attached.

How can I do it?

Thanks Ivan

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18:41 on 19/02/2020

Hello, I’m not an expert but if you give me a php code to copy and past in a specific file, I think is a good solution. Or it’s a good idea to implement it in the next delevoped.

Your “Traveler thema” support this type of search?

I’m onest, I’m not satisfied about your company support and about the time of changelog. https://shomewp.com/changelog/

Moreover I spent extra 6 month support but if you reply on ticket each 20 days I prefer to have my money back .

The last is of 18 October, very old.

Hello friend

Sorry for late reply.
We had a problem with our customer support system. For now, everything is fine. I am happy to support you now.

About your question, unfortunately our theme does not support that search field. However, you can request a custom service to [email protected] We will review and help you.
Or if you are a php developer, i can guide you to customize it.



07:57 on 08/02/2020

I totally agree with you Issivan, this support is very slow. I also have a ticket that is now way over a week and no answer. the last ticket I put her took morethan 2 weeks and I ended up finding a solution elsewhere. This not very good bearing in mind there are not many tickets here that need response. Theme is great but support needs to improve .

21:45 on 06/02/2020

I opened my first ticket and it’s past more of one week. Why you don’t answer the ticket?

I’m not the only one who noticed your slowling support.



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