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03:19 on 26/09/2019

I want to not show the search bar on the search results. I only want to showcase rentals in a few cities. The search bar allows users to search any city.

Can you tell me what file to remove the code to remove the search bar or a CSS code to hide it.

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Hello friend


You can find and customize this file: shomeshinethemeapplicationviewsfrontendpagesearchsearch_form.php

About the search result error, we will check it. If possible, you can make a demo video about it. It helps me more.



19:32 on 26/09/2019

I notice the search is base on the search bar. When I add a search result page and add to my menu. No rentals show up on the map. Only when I hit the search button that the rentals show up on the map.

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